Why Capaci?

Capaci bags are unique to the market as they are hand made manufactured in Suriname from residual waste tarpaulin material used by the parent company who wanted to reduce its carbon footprint. We are sustainable operators and deliver on our commitments.

Creative brains came together and created the Capaci bag from their passion and love for nature, the eco-environment and outdoor activities. Capaci is a creative combination of passion and practicality. We want you do enjoy the outdoors hassle free, just like us!

Capaci waterproof dry bags are a practical solution to keeping your personals safe, dry and secured at all times, no matter which weather conditions the outdoor fanatic encounters or what outdoor activity is undertaken.

Capaci Bags are inspired by the Giant Armadillo who is nearly extinct in Central and Latin America. Capaci Manufacturing partners with communities and support community initiatives to protect and preserve the armadillo. We are proud to give back!

Capaci's History

Capaci is an innovative and creative Suriname company, established in February 2016, from its parent company Mines Services Suriname NV, that produces truck tarps and cover tarps. In living up to its environmental commitment of reducing its carbon footprint, residual material from its tarps were transformed into dry and waterproof bags instead of classifying it as waste.

Capaci was brought to life with its core business being the manufacturer of dry bags. With its first public presentation in April 2016 at the Made in Suriname Fair organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Suriname Capaci’s journey took off as a unique manufacturer of the waterproof bags in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Capaci bags are manufactured from durable and water resistant material. The bags consist of thoroughly and securely attached parts. The manufacturing process ensures that these bags are life time durable. Quality control processes are done in accordance with the quality standards of the parent company who is ISO-Certified.

Capaci Bags, inspired by the Giant Armadillo, are a practical solution for all outdoor-lovers who want to enjoy their boating, kiting, surfing, camping, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, other water sports and outdoor activities hassle free, protect and secure their personals and valuables against weather conditions such as rain, dew, humidity, heat, hail, snow or simply against water splatters or the sun! Perfect to take along on any outdoor activity.

Capaci is the first Suriname manufacturer who inspires to deliver quality, customized and affordable bags for people whose second nature is outdoors.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a colorful outdoor experience with the security, comfort and convenience to pack, carry and store personal items under any weather condition.

Our product is inspired the giant armadillo who is almost extinct.

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