Terms of Services

Online purchasing

  • We ship internationally. Shipping costs are excluded in the pricing indicated in the webshop, and dependant on the location we ship to. Refer to invoice after purchase for shipping costs.
  • Online purchased bags cannot be returned.
  • Bags are customized so choose colors, model, and size carefully before placing order online.


  • Payments can be made in cash, wire transfer or online banking.
  • Daily exchange rate as published by the Central Bank of Suriname is applicable for locally purchased/ in store bags.


  • Products that have manufacturing defect will be recalled at manufacturer’s expense.
  • Capaci offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Capaci will not replace bags that have been damaged due to misuse of product.


  • Bags purchased online for client(s) in Suriname are delivered complimentary within a 10miles radius of our manufacturing plant.

Personalizing your bag

  • Logo’s that are originally registered under the trade mark of third party companies will not be printed. Capaci will research all uploaded logo’s and in case of trademarked or registered Intellectual Property to thirdparties, we will not be able to manufacture the bag as a personalized item. Make sure uploaded logo’s are soley at the discretional use of the customer purchasing a capaci bag.