READYTEX Maagdenstraat 46 -48
GALAXY (Hotel Torarica Arcade) Mr. L.J. Rietbergplein 1
F.E. VAN DER JAGT Saramaccastraat 92-94
ONZE VLAG Dr. Sophie Redmonstraat 38
FISH FINDER Waaldijkstraat 79-81

Become a Retailer

Welcome to CAPACI, official MANUFACTURER of Dry and Waterproof bags in Suriname!

We are bikers, hikers, boats men, fishermen, outdoor campers, active outdoor athletes, beach bumps and water rats…..we cater for our own. Do you have the drive to connect us, all around the world? Bring us together in carrying a Capaci and share in the QUALITY OF LIFE!

Here’s how to apply

Easy sign up; no contract or large re-order requirements. Becoming a retailer simply requires you to share our passion for QUALITY OF LIFE.  Our products are eco friendly and perfect for people with an active outdoor lifestyle.

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