February 12, 2018
February 12, 2018



8L multipurpose pouch bag

About the product:

Skwala has a capacity of eight (8) liters. Bag is waterproof and humidity resistant; suitable to carry and store heavy duty items. The Skwala is a all-in-one size bag, comfortably carries a pair of sneakers, towels, 1.5 bottle of water, camping attributes, tracking gear, handy for hiking, walking, climbing tours or trips, or road trips by bicycle, motorcycle, cruisers; keep your stuff at hand, keep them dry, safe and protected at all times. Minimal space either rolled up as a cylinder or placed flat on its back. Skwala floats on water so your items are protected at all times.
Skwala comes standard with upper clasp and adjustable shoulder strap. Customized bags are offered in color combinations, with additional straps, clasps, different sizes crochets or with a personalized logo.

Product dimensions & details:

• 100% tarpaulin
• Waterproof
• Size: 6” X 6” X 18”
• Weight: 0.5lbs
• Features: upper clasp, adjustable strap
• Customize: straps, color, personalized logo

*Prices excl. shipping, handling and customs fees