April 10, 2017
February 10, 2018



Kriki Fannypack, just wear it around your waist and keep your personals close by at all times, safely protected and easily accessed.

2L multipurpose pouch bag

About the product:

Perfect for personal items; it holds the size of (ladies) wallet, mobile phone, mini travel kit. Fannypack takes up minimal storage space, holding capacity up to 2 liters. Bag is waterproof and humidity resistant. Suitable for easy-to-carry requirements such as long walks, daily outdoor activities, but perfect as a little ladies leisure bag.
The Fannypack comes standard with clasp and adjustable waist strap. Customized bags are offered in color combinations, additional straps, and personalized logos.

Product dimensions & details:

• 100% tarpaulin
• Waterproof
• Size Inches: 7” X 4” X 8”
• Weight: 0.2Lbs
• Features: clasp, adjustable strap
• Customize: straps, color, personalized logo

*Prices excl. shipping, handling and customs fees