February 12, 2018
February 12, 2018



28L Back Pack

About the product:

SULA is a easy to carry back-pack that holds up to twenty eight (28) Liters. Waterproof and humidity resistance makes it the perfect tool to carry personal items for backpackers, campers,  hikers, cyclers, trackers; complement travelers under any weather condition.
SULA bag comes standard with side clasps and adjustable padded double straps. Customized bags are offered in color combinations, with additional shoulder or back-pack straps, clasps, different sizes crochets or with a personalized logo.

Product dimensions & details:

• 100% tarpaulin
• Waterproof
• Size: 12” X 5” X 26”
• Weight:0.85lbs
• Features: upper clasp, adjustable back-pack straps
• Customize: color, personalized logo

*Prices excl. shipping, handling and customs fees