Capaci Frequently Asked Questions:

We ship anywhere in the world.  Place your order via our e-commerce site, fill out the order form and submit your order.  Depending on your location shipment can take up to 14 days.

For standard designs you choose the body color and bottom color. Standard bags can be ordered via the webshop.

Customized job where you require more than two colors are placed via email only:

It takes us 3 work days to produce your standard capaci bag. Depending on your destination it can take 3-5 work days for the region and up to 7-14 days for international shipment.

Customized jobs are depending on the complexity of the design requested.

Yes you can. Be sure to check your order form on color, model, size before submission. If we send you a bag that is not in conformity with your order form, we’ll pay the return shipping!

Absolutely! Upload your logo in the order form. Add a small additional fee and you can have your own personalized Capaci bag.  Order more and benefit from our special promotion ‘Personal-I’. For more information on promotions, check our home page.

note: we will perform a plagiarism test to ensure your logo is authentic.

View the design and check out the dimensions, add your color(s) and quantity, upload your logo to your preference and click submit.  It’s that easy.

For fitting your sleeping bag the PAHU is ideal. Select your color(s) and you’re good to go! Follow instructions on order form.

Capaci bag protects your belongings from getting wet from rain, snow, hale and will even keep your stuff safe should your drop the bag in water. However, we would not recommend carrying water in the bag.

The bag is not insulated on the inside which will not keep ice firm for very long. Would not recommend ice as this can melt quickly.

We offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. We keep a tight lid on our quality control and minimize the risks of defects but if we missed it, we guarantee fixing it!

You can check out the dimensions in the shop. All bags show the full-size dimensions.

Not recommended to store or carry water inside the bag. It will not leak, however, the integrity of elements may be compromised which can eventually ruin your bag.