April 1, 2018


January 2018

The journey kicks off in New Orleans, Louisiana; ‘Nawlins’, known for its round-the-clock vibrant and energetic live music scenes.
But also famous for a ‘big-momma’s’ breakfast like you’ve never tasted before: fried chucks of potato topped with homemade gravy,
Poached of fried egg and a big spoon of homemade rice pudding is just enough to get the day going after a few of those dangerous tail long cocktails.
Yes Siree, they sure are dangerous as they literally taste like lemonade with a hint of fresh pineapple or mint.
After two or three you might feel a dent different.

Different enough to start believing in ghosts! Wander down the alley next to the cathedral, known as Pirate’s Alley,
to be still and try to hear the screams of the monk’s that were secretly murdered or the whispers of the cardinal that was stabbed to death after mass, as he was carrying day’s collection to safety. And, if you don’t find yourself shivering on ghost stories down Pirate’s Alley, just pop into Pirate’s Alley Bar for a ‘manly’ mojito or two, just how real pirates like it.

Mr Jourdan’s Dinner Table At Muriel’s Restaurant

If you happen to look for a authentic meal drop in by Muriel’s. The authenticity doesn’t only come from the fabulous menu they serve but from the company of Mr Jourdan. His table is set every night at 7pm in the special area of the restaurant and his favorite bottle of wine poured. He’s been having dinner there since 1814; for fifty bucks extra the restaurant staff will set an extra plate for you at Mr Jourdan’s table. If you are up to it have a chat and a laugh and enjoy a wonderful meal. Just don’t forget to say a proper goodnight, you don’t want Mr Jourdan to follow you home.

‘Nawlins’ is home to somewhat forty six, if not more, parades in two weeks! Yes, that’s right over forty parades are ticked off in each year’s carnival celebration.To what most people think Mardi Gras is a family event, so don’t limit your impressions to what goes on in the French Quarter, hell, it feels like it’s Mardi Gras all year round in that area!
But this event takes over four thousand people to prepare for costumes, parade trailers and the pomp and splendor, over two and half million beads get thrown as the parades go through the streets.
The Mardi Gras celebration reaches it’s heights on FAT Tuesday, get it right, it’s the day before ash wednesday.

But if you can’t make it for FAT Tuesday ‘Nawlins’ lives it up every day of the week! Head down to Bourbon street in the French Quarter and get a
taste of the hustle and bustle of carnival, new year’s eve, 4th of July, independence day, all chuckled into one big feast early mid-day till…well,
don’t bother bringing a watch. Stroll down to FAT CATZ to get your groove on with the Kanection Band or BANDSTAND for some really cool covers of modern Jazz
or walk the opposite direction to Decatur street join the old jazz and blues down the Spoiled Cat Club or join the street hilly billies with their ol’ raw country styled tunes.

Few things to take note of: always have your ID with you, yes, you can look well over forty they’d still ask and no ID, no entry, and no booze for you.
Fill your mornings with art and culture, there is plenty of that going on at the French Market, don’t forget to try the gator-on-a-stick!
Gator meat, any way you like it, hotdog or burger, it’s a must try!
Waddle into the Mardi Gras compound down by the docks; re-live your super-heroes’ days or fairy-tale fantasies. Hop on the Creole Queen down the Missippi and get off on
the battlefields to enjoy a stroll of the fields which ‘endured’ the shortest war in history. Return in the afternoon and stroll down Jackson Square and enjoy the
local artisans, street artists and musicians. CAPACI sits down at one of the many fortune tellers to find out where the next destination is should be.


Can you guess?
Until our next destination, CAPACI sends its love!